Storage / Warehousing


  • Safe and secure storage centers worldwide
  • Dust and vermin proof storage modules
  • Full inventory
  • Access and delivery at a mutually convenient date
  • When you store your furniture with Perfect Movers you will receive a full inventory and are able to access your moving storage at mutually convenient times.

Why Should You Consider Storage?

Furniture storage is a very cost effective solution if you have to limit your shipment size, are renting your home whilst you are gone or maybe you need to move into temporary accommodation. With M Movers in Dubai will provide your furniture storage will generally cost the faction of the cost for other retail self-storage company in Dubai.

Safe and Secure Storage Furniture Solutions Worldwide

M Movers provides safe and secure storage center worldwide. Your goods can be professionally packed and you will be provided with a separate inventory for items destined for storage. Depending upon your requirements, your goods will be stored in the nearest storage center – either in your home country or at your new destination.

Cost Effective and Convenient

Cost to store your personal belongings in a professional storage company in Dubai varies but are generally based on how much you want to store and for how long. We are the best Export Packers and Movers in Dubai and worldwide. You can choose to store items and then have them delivered onto your new home by simply making these arrangements with your Move Consultant.

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